Purchasing Information

When you purchase artwork from Gerald Hogan Fine Art, you can be sure that your artwork will be reproduced using the best manufacturing practices available: each print is hand=inspected by the artist himself, and reproduced on acid-free watercolor paper or mounted on acid-free canvas.

Your art is packed carefully, and delivered ready to frame and hang. For recommendations for framing, please contact the office at orders@geraldhogan.com or click on the link.

Please direct correspondance to : Gerald Hogan Fine Arts • 2408 Cold Harbor Way • Cameron Park, CA 95682

Thank you for your interest, and we hope you continue to purchase Fine Art from Gerald Hogan.


Coming Soon - Books by Gerald Hogan

Gerald Hogan is the author of a books, soon to be published:

"Managing the Media: An Introduction to Painting".

This book will be available for purchase soon; Please watch this site, or e-mails us and ask to be alerted, when publications by Gerald Hogan are ready.

We appreciate your visit!