The Artist

Gerald Hogan says “I have developed a philosophy for my work over the years that provides a framework upon which to understand my enthusiasm and artistic motivation. This vision acts to complement my time and the effort needed in order to do art”. He explains, “Art as I’ve come to understand it is a necessity of our human nature, the ability to be inventive; to seek originality is part of the image [purpose] of human design”. Jerry continued “I believe it is only through a moral interpretation of reality that value can be correctly assigned to our human existence. I experience [interpret] art as admiration for the idea [hope] in moral perfection where nature acts as a mirror that reflects the source of those hopes”. This understanding of Jerry’s work explains why the words “Celebrate Reality” are engraved into the fabric of his creativity. They are the theme by which Jerry continues to work, understanding and embracing reality as an act of faith because of “the things that are made” Rom. 1:20 KJV

After serving in the United States Marine Corps from 1961 to 1966 Gerald returned from Vietnam and started attending College in Southern California. He moved to Placerville in the Sierra foothills in 1971 and, after four more years of study, earned two degrees. Following in his grandfather’s footstep Jerry studied art and technical theatre arts, completing programs that lead to A.A. and B.A. degrees in each discipline. It was during this period Jerry was elected and served as the Student Association President at American River College, Placerville Campus. He was an Honor Student during his enrollment at California State University Sacramento and graduated in the fall of 1975. In addition, he completed his ministerial credential in 1986.

It was with the birth of his third son in 1988 that Jerry started painting and sculpting with greater concentration. He committed to mastering the mediums of watercolor, oil paints and pastels. After winning the “Award of Merit” at the California State Exposition Annual Art Competition in 1990 for a bronze sculpture, Jerry allowed his three dimensional art interests to take a vacation while he continued to press on with his paintings. Jerry is one of those people who seemed to be able to make the transition from one medium to the other with equal proficiency. His work is described by admirers as brilliant and stunning Jerry says “I have been going art in one form or another over fifty-six years, so I think it is not remarkable with that much practice, one can anticipate success no matter what medium he or she uses." Jerry says he also feels he has been given the basic talent [gifts] needed to succeed as an artist.

With his approaching retirement after 21 years in the healthcare industry, Jerry is looking forward to teaching art and practicing his craft full-time. He has been working on a book titled “Managing the Medium: An Introduction to Painting” over five years, and plans to finish it in the near future. These books will be available from this website.